Happy Luxembourgish National Day, June 23rd 2021.

EMPL Committee on minimum wage, June 3rd 2021.

In today’s committee speech on Minimum wage, I emphasised again the importance of:

- Improving the adequacy of minimum wages across the EU
- Increasing collective bargaining
- Strengthening social partners
- Fight abuse of workers

We have yet different views on how to achieve this. Together, I trust we can find the best way to make it a reality throughout Europe

Europe against discrimination, 25th May 2021

It’s been a year since the murder of George Floyd. In my plenary speech last year, I asked for the anti-discrimination directive to be unblocked.Now we finally see some progress with the European Commission appointing Michaela Moua as the first-ever anti-racism coordinator. Still a lot to do. This is only the beginning.

NEW CREATIVE EUROPE programme for the years 2021-27, May 19th 2021

This week has been quite an important one! The European Parliament has adopted the EU’s new culture programme for 2021-2027. We almost the doubled the budget compared to 2014-2020 (up from 1.4 billion euro) to 2.5 billion euro for the EU’s cultural and creative sectors. We all recognise the importance of the continent’s cultural sector, and helping it recover from the COVID-19 pandemic which has left many music and cultural venues across Europe closed. As a shadow rapporteur on the #CreativeEurope Programme I could not be any happier about the outcome!

Speech at the CULT Committee on youth and education, May 10th 2021.

On Monday I spoke at the CULT committee about Youth and Education during the pandemic.

  • There are still significant inequalities in accessing digital facilities for education

  • The European youth did unfortunately not have a proper voice when it came to the impact of the pandemic on their generation and measures taken

  • Ad-hoc meetings and consultations where not systematic nor thorough enough

  • We need to engage and promote the dialogue with the European youth

  • I always had and will have an open ear for them, their claims and concerns. They know how to shape their own future

Europe Day, Schengen, May 9th 2021

At Europe Day 2021 in Schengen with the other five MEPs, Commissioner Nicolas Schmit for a lively exchange with 6 Luxembourg citizens.


They communicated their views of the European Union, addressing their hopes and questions to us. This resulted in, among others:


  1. It must be taught earlier in school how important the EU is to our day-to-day functioning.

  2. As far as youth unemployment is concerned, I was able to explain that I, as the person in charge of Renew Europe, have achieved that the age category has been raised to 29 years, given that the pandemic has not found more young people.

  3. In doing so, Member States should establish an early warning system to prevent young people from dropping out of school and having neither education nor employment.

  4. If someone does an internship, he should be paid adequately, as the person responsible for this report, I want to commit to it

  5. Women and businesses, this needs to be supported more and this is increasing in education.


Thank you Aiona Gambucci, Angèle Mersch, George Kieffer, Patrick de la Hamette, Roberto Gomez Fernandez, Rommy Liefgen for your interest in Europe and for your commitment.

LUXSIX Project, Parlement Européen Bureau de liaison au Luxembourg, May 2021

Zoom Meeting with Minister Sam Tanson, April 29th 2021

An interesting talk with the Luxembourgish Minister of Culture Sam Tanson about the situation of artists in Luxembourg and Europe. As the Rapporteur of the Artist Report, I am pushing for the following points:
-  Mutual recognition of the status of an Artist
-  better cross-border coordination
Minister Tanson strongly underlined the importance of reopening the cultural sector in Europe; not only Museums, but also venues and festivals. 

Girls In ICT Day, April 22nd 2021

Art World Day, April 15th 2021

We must fight together to end tax fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance, yet we have to continue to attract investment in the EU, and ensure that our financial centres remain competitive. Watch my exchange of views with Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, here:

As Members of the European Parliament, receiving racist and hateful comments has become reality. Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. One of the biggest challenges we face today is that racism and hate is posted online anonymously and instantly.

Let’s #FightRacism together!

Committee on Culture and Education

March 2021

I myself have worked in the cultural and creative industry. Those among you who work in this field are very well aware about the constant financial fear one has to live with. Many artists don't do this to sustain themselves, but it is their passion. With this report, I want to help relieve, foster and support artists in fulfilling their passion and make sure that they can continue to enrich our society with their art.

The EU Directive on administrative cooperation (DAC)

March 2021

DAC regulates the areas in which national tax administrations must exchange information automatically with other EU tax authorities.  The latest proposal, DAC7, extends EU tax transparency rules to digital platforms.

"We have to continue to attract investment in the European Union and ensure that our financial centres remain competitive. Maintaining our attractiveness must be done in conjunction with having a robust compliance and transparency rules."

March 2021

Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

EU Directive for adequate minimum wages will ensure that the workers in the Union are protected by adequate minimum wages allowing for a decent living wherever they work. When set at adequate levels, minimum wages do not only have a positive social impact but also bring wider economic benefits as they reduce wage inequality, help sustain domestic demand and strengthen incentives to work. Adequate minimum wages can also help reduce the gender pay gap, since more women than men earn a minimum wage. The proposal also helps protect employers that pay decent wages to workers by ensuring fair competition.


The proposal distinguishes between minimum wages that are set by law and those who are set by collective bargaining, and sets minimum standards for both systems. In countries with mainly collective bargaining agreements, the goal is to cover as many workers as possible with collective bargaining agreements. In systems where the minimum wage is set by law, the proposal introduces standards to measure the what an adequate living wage would be in a member state.


As the representative for RENEW Europe, I will fight for at least an adequate minimum wage for everyone that gets up in the morning and goes to work. I will also make sure that well-functioning wage setting systems throughout Europe continue to work for citizens.

Today is International Women’s Day. Gender equality is still a challenge, but from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge. How will you help forge a gender equal world? Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality!

#choosetochallenge #IDW2021 #RenewEurope