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Plenary Session, Adoption of the report on Quality Traineeships in the EU, 14 June 2023

My legislative initiative on Quality Traineeships in the EU has been adopted in the plenary session of the European Parliament!

As the rapporteur on this crucial file, I am proud to have played a pivotal role in leading the charge for meaningful change, ensuring that young people across the EU have access to paid traineeships that equip them with the necessary skills and learning experience to flourish in today's competitive job market. 


The adopted initiative acknowledges the urgent need to establish clear guidelines for traineeships across the EU. It sets standards for working conditions, accessibility, training content, mentorship, and adequate remuneration and compensation, in order to safeguard the rights and dignity of young trainees.

The legislative initiative also seeks to promote access to traineeships for people from vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities. It aims to create an inclusive environment where all individuals have equal opportunities to participate in traineeship programme, ensuring that no one is left behind!

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European Youth Event, 9th to 10th June 2023

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Europe Day, 9th May 2023


EMPL Committee, Adoption of the report on Quality Traineeships in the EU, 8th May 2023

My legislative initiative on Quality Traineeships in the EU has been adopted in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs!

As rapporteur for Renew Europe, I firmly stand for the interests and rights of the European youth.


This adoption is a crucial step towards ensuring that traineeships in the EU:

  • are paid

  • provide a learning experience

  • are accessible to people from vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities

Let's stand together and support quality traineeships that provide valuable opportunities for our talented youth!

Grevenmacher Wine Fair, 14th April 2023

Delighted to be in my home town today for the opening of the Grevenmacher Wine Fair to celebrate the local wine culture.

Apart from the wine tastings, the festival also offers a range of food stalls serving local delicacies, live music, and entertainment for all ages! 

A must-visit event to experience the rich culture and traditions of Luxembourg!

Conversation about accessibility with a trainee in the European Parliament, 4th April 2023

I was delighted to meet with Félix, a trainee at the European Parliament who has a disability. We discussed the obstacles and difficulties he has faced, ways to enhance accessibility, and how to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

As rapporteur on Quality Traineeships, I am committed to increasing awareness of how to improve the quality of traineeships for trainees with disabilities. I believe it is vital to listen to their experiences and proposals and incorporate their ideas and wishes in my report.

Women in politics, 23rd March 2023

I was delighted to have the opportunity to exchange with the students of European Business University of Luxembourg and to discuss my personal experience. Women's empowerment starts with equal representation in politics. Unfortunately, in the EU, women still face numerous obstacles when it comes to getting involved in politics. Gender biases, cultural barriers, and lack of support from political parties are just a few of the challenges that women must overcome to make their voices heard 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽👩🏾

It's time to break down these barriers and create a more inclusive political landscape. Let's empower more women to get involved in politics, encourage them to run for office, and support them every step of the way!

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Anti-Racism and Diversity Week, 20th to 22nd March 2023

Together, we have taken a stand against racism and discrimination! We must continue to take action against racism and promote diversity and inclusion. I will make sure that intersectionality is the priority in all the work I do in the European Parliament.

I was also delighted to welcome Madeleine Yougye and Caty Diop from One People - ASBL and Sandrine Gashonga from Lëtz Rise Up this week. It was great to have Luxembourg associations joining forces to defend anti-racism in Brussels! 


The Lycée Technique de Lallange - LTL in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, 15th March 2023

Visually Impaired People-Tech-Job Event, 9th March 2023

The Visually Impaired People-Tech-Job project is dedicated to the social inclusion of young visually impaired people and is therefore designed to facilitate and support their access to the job market.

I had the pleasure to host in the European Parliament the closing event of this project.

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International Women's Day, 8th March 2023

Happy International Women's Day! Let's celebrate the achievements of women and continue to work towards gender equality. Here's to all the amazing women who have paved the way for us and those who will lead us into the future!

But let's also remember that violence against women is still a major issue. Let's stand together to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment. We can make a difference!

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The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly brought together members of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries in the European Parliament. This assembly serves as a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and decision-making on issues such as trade, development, and human rights. Cooperation and partnership with ACP countries are critical for achieving mutual goals, addressing shared challenges, and promoting global peace and security.

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, 2nd March 2023

Rare Disease Day, 28th February 2023

I was delighted to be one of the members of the delegation of the Committee on Culture and Education sent to visit Elefsina, Greece, one of the European Capitals of Culture. We explored the rich cultural heritage of this ancient city and learned from its innovative and creative present.

CULT Mission in Elefsina, 20th to 22nd February 2023

Violence against women is unacceptable and must stop! Together with Renew Europe, I am committed to promoting a society where women are safe and can enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms, free from all forms of violence and discrimination.

Violence against women, 14th February 2023

Thank you EURORDIS - European Rare Diseases Organisation for promoting the subject of rare diseases in the European Parliament. Being affected by a rare disease, this topic is at the heart of my priorities, in particular as co-chair of European Parliament Disability Intergroup.

Brussels Rare Disease Week, 8th February 2023

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We need more women in finance! I was delighted to meet with the network Female x Finance. Leading gender-mainstreaming in the FISC Subcommittee, I would like to encourage young girls to go into finance to create a strong #network of women in the EU and around the world.

Women in Finance with Female x Finance, 25th January 2023

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Anti-Racism Civil Society, 25th January 2023

As co-chair of the Anti-Racism Intergroup in the European Parliament, I called for EU Member States to implement national action plans against racism and to take into consideration intersectionality to combat inequality. The EU must set an example!