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In 2021, I had the opportunity to represent Renew Europe during the negotiations on the Creative Europe Programme, which aims to allocate 2.44 billion between 2021-2027 in the cultural and media sectors in Europe.

Today, I met with European stakeholders to discuss the implementation report of Creative Europe. As a former artist, I know how much these sectors were affected during the pandemic and although progress is being made, there is still much work to be done!  

We must ensure that all potential beneficiaries can access and benefit from the Programme. We need to support the inclusion of people with disabilities and cross-border cooperation, while tackling persistent hurdles such as administrative burdens, in order to promote innovation, equity and diversity in the arts.

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The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly brought together members of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries in the European Parliament. This assembly serves as a platform for dialogue, cooperation, and decision-making on issues such as trade, development, and human rights. Cooperation and partnership with ACP countries are critical for achieving mutual goals, addressing shared challenges, and promoting global peace and security.

I was delighted to be one of the members of the delegation of the Committee on Culture and Education sent to visit Elefsina, Greece, one of the European Capitals of Culture. We explored the rich cultural heritage of this ancient city and learned from its innovative and creative present.

Quality Traineeships

24th January 2023

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Draft Report

January 2023

Draft Report on Quality Traineeships in the European Union

Plenary debates

12th December 2022

           Madam President, one-and-a-half years ago, I suddenly became impaired. I have a rare disease, and today I only see 25%, even with glasses, which is sometimes disturbing.

But I know that many others have greater struggles. Many others are in a worse situation than me. They face discrimination in their everyday lives: half of the people with disabilities are unemployed; nearly 30% are at risk of poverty. They are excluded – we are excluded – from society. We have barriers, for example, in transportation or in education. 800 000 people with a disability could not vote in 2019 in the European elections because of barriers of accessibility. That cannot be. They have their right to vote. They have their voice to vote.

As one of the chairs of the European Parliament’s cross—party Disability Intergroup, I can assure you that we fight for equal chances and opportunities for everybody, which also means for people with disabilities. We fight so that everybody can contribute to society, because we can, and we want to.

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Official events

5th and 7th December 2022

The #RENEWPAC Annual Conference in Marrakech gathered liberals from all over Europe and Africa to exchange on reinforcing liberal cooperation between Europe, Africa, Pacific & Caribbean to tackle together the challenges our continents are facing.


I had the pleasure to hold a panel discussion on #Youth and #Women empowerment in the EU and Africa.

Plenary debates

24th November 2022

         Madam President, 2022 is the Year of European Youth, the year of a generation that went through so many crises recently. I expected the Commission to be more ambitious, to reach those who are less interested in politics.

We, as Renew, organised Renew4Youth – an event that brought together 145 European students, young European students who had fruitful exchanges. They came from the EU but also beyond. This event changed their vision of Europe.

Next year will be the European Year of Skills, and I am proud to be the rapporteur on quality traineeships. Traineeships should be paid. They should occur in better working conditions and trainees should have a real learning experience.

So, I say to you colleagues, this is not something we do for ourselves. This is something we do for young Europeans, for the next generation EU. So, let’s cooperate on that report, because they deserve it.

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Plenary debates

7th March 2022

         Mr President, in my high school there were three black students out of more than 1 500. I was the first black TV host in Luxembourg, but not many were following, unfortunately. Once a boyfriend’s mother told me ‘many black people are criminals, but you are different’.

No, I am not different. I am not an exception. There are many like me, and they deserve to have a fair chance to succeed. We have to get rid of the racist stereotypes, deconstruct prejudices and represent the full diversity of our society at all levels. We need equal access and opportunities for all in culture, education, media and sports, because they play an important role in the fight against racism. They have the power to change minds and to drive social inclusion. That’s what we, as the European Parliament, want to achieve with this report.

Every child should be able to fulfil its potential. In the fields of culture and media, everyone should be able to identify themselves and to seek for role models and see them. Sports is a vector of equality and integration, and we must do our utmost to ban racism from it. It does not matter where one comes from, nor one’s colour of skin. Everybody has to have this chance to succeed. Everybody can contribute to our society, and we should do everything to ensure that they can. We need to be united in diversity.

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Plenary debates

13th September 2022

          Madam President, my mother worked as a cleaning person all her life. In Luxembourg she earned the minimum wage, which was good, but food, healthcare, schoolbooks, clothes – it was very difficult to make ends meet. And this is what we tried to fix with this directive on the adequacy of minimum wages in the EU. Because EU citizens that wake up each morning, go to work, contribute to society, should be able and afford to make a decent living.

So, please vote in favour of this text tomorrow. It is a clear sign to EU citizens that we want a more social, a more equal and a more European Union of respect.

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July 2021

Draft Report on the situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU


9th February 2021

Report on the proposal for a Council Directive amending Directive 2011/16/EU on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation

15th December 2020

4th March 2021

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