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The ties between Cabo Verde, Luxembourg and the EU are stronger than ever

The Grand Duchy invests in the green and digital transition of the country.

Luxembourg invests in Cabo Verde’s green and digital transition and in training skilled professionals funding centres like the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde.


The tourism sector has experienced strong expansion in Cape Verde and the Luxembourgish Government, based on its policy of socioeconomic development of the country, has made strong investments in the sector, which constitutes the main source of employment opportunities, mainly for young people.

Luxembourg is also present in the country via the CERMI - Centro de Energias Renováveis e Manutenção Industrial which I visited accompanied by Thomas Barbancey, from Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affair and Michèle Schmit from the Luxembourg’s Embassy in Cabo Verde. CERMI is a centre of excellence for energy transition, via renewable energies and Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The Grand Duchy collaborate also with projects of water desalinisation plants, needed due to drought, and the installation of solar panels.

The EU invests in Cabo Verde via the NDICI-Global Europe program 2021-2027 with €24 million in grants and it also provides €246 million through Global Gateway to boost green energy, sustainable transport and digital connectivity. One example is unrolling highs-speed internet to foster affordable internet connections or the project “Praia + Inclusiva”, with funds for the construction of 650 bathrooms for vulnerable families in the capital, as discussed with its mayor, Francisco Carvalho.

Maintaining diplomatic relations and exploring potential areas of cooperation is beneficial for both Cabo Verde and the EU.

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