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The Employment Committee adopts the European Disability Card and Parking Card

Now the interinstitutional negotiations can start

Today the Employment and Social Affairs Committee adopted by unanimity the Commission's proposal for a European Disability Card and Parking Card. This is a big step for mutual recognition of disabilities in Member States, if a person has a disability in one country, it should be recognised in another and be able to move freely among States.


I personally pushed for a non-discriminatory approach, especially for persons with disabilities who also belong to other marginalized groups such as LGBTQI, racialized groups and ethnic minorities or people from disadvantaged socio-economic background.


I also pushed for the Parking Card to take into account personal assistants or persons accompanying those with a disability, so that they do not find obstacles when driving and using parking spaces. My group's leadership was crucial thanks to my colleague Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová MEP with whom I will follow closely the upcoming negotiations.



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