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Creative Europe: An EU programme to support all actors of the creative and cultural sectors, essentially SMEs

It aims to reinforce the European cultural and creative sectors

The European Parliament adopted today the report on the implementation of the Creative Europe programme, providing support to all actors of the European creative and cultural sectors.


More particularly, it aims at reinforcing cultural diversity and responding to the needs and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors, especially after the pandemic, with a €2.44 billion budget for 2021-2027. 

As Renew Europe's shadow rapporteur, I pushed for inclusion, facilitating cross-border mobility and freedom of artistic expression to be included in the report.


It is crucial to support the creative and cultural sector, which is essentially made up of SMEs. This programme:

·    boosts their cross-border mobility,

·    provides support to the news media sector,

·    benefits an inclusive cultural participation across Europe

·    and contributes to EU innovation and growth. 



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