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We, members of the European Parliament, are open to reinforce the collaboration with Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies

Meeting with its new President Claude Wiseler

Yesterday, I was invited to meet Claude Wiseler, the new President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies, to discuss how to better cooperate with the Chamber, the European Parliament and other Luxembourg MEPs:

Claude Wiseler has clearly stated his intention to improve the processing of European files in the Chamber of Deputies and the European deputies have, for the new President, their place in the system he is considering.

They still had to convince them of the merits of such an initiative. This is done, since the deputies present during the interview generally showed themselves interested in strengthening their collaboration with the Chamber of Deputies and spontaneously made suggestions to improve their interactions with the Parliament of Luxembourg.

“Creating European automation”

Introduction of a European Affairs Committee, distribution of European files among the competent committees, modalities and timing for greater participation of deputies based in Brussels, choice of European files to be treated as a priority, involvement of the parliamentary administration...Many questions still many to clarify.

Overall, Claude Wiseler informed MEPs of his desire to “put in place automation” so that work on European issues is fully integrated into the practices and calendar of the Luxembourg Parliament. He also stressed that it was essential to succeed in this change in working mode from the start, speaking of finding the "right automatisms", because once habits have been established and procedures are set from a point of view, regulatory view, it would be very difficult to modify them.

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