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Remunerated traineeships are a long-standing demand by our European youth!

The Belgian Presidency presents its priorities on employment and social affairs at the EP

The Belgian Presidency of the European Council presented yesterday its priorities at the Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

As the European Parliament Rapporteur as the Initiative Report on Quality Traineeships, I am glad to hear that they want to support progress on this file. We are still waiting for the Commission to put forward a proposal and Minister Dermagne announced that it should come in the next couple of months.

I asked him what would be his position, in order to convince his colleagues at the Council that traineeships in the EU should be paid or fairly remunerated, because this is a strong demand from the European youth.

I  have to say also I am quite optimistic reading that the Belgian Presidency will focus on a more inclusive, and more equal European Union. I think that in these times we really need that and leave no one behind, especially people with disabilities.

The trilogs on the European Disability and Parking Cards are starting and the end of this month so I hope that the Council and the Parliament find an agreement because this is a strong demand from people with disabilities across the European Union.

Another topic you they focus on and I am really reassured, as the Spanish Presidency did before, is the fight against racism. The Belgian Presidency promises to do a follow up on Action Plans. For Luxembourg, where I come from, I am still waiting for a National Action Plan so we need concrete measures to push forward the fight against discrimination and racism in the European Union.


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