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Teachers do more than transferring knowledge, then can even be a role model for our students!

My speech in Plenary on working conditions for teachers in the EU

In third grade, I had a teacher who made me write essays, all the time. I found it a bit annoying back then. But nowadays I am thankful. I became a journalist. That’s why each pupil deserves a teacher that has the will, the vocation and the time to foster one’s potential.


Teachers can do more than transferring knowledge. They can be guide, a mentor, an inspiration, role models. They can identify talent and develop hard and soft skills that can lead our youth to their future careers.


But to achieve quality education, we need quality teachers. Teachers with better working conditions, that can afford having more time to dedicate to their students because, for example they do not face overcrowded classrooms.


Therefore Member States must invest in their education systems to guarantee better working conditions for teachers. 


And our students, they need to:

·    have equal access to education,

·    to avoid being segregated,

·    to avoid being discriminated by their origin, condition or socioeconomic background.


Investing in our European teachers is investing in the citizens of tomorrow.



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