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The EU is key for the music sector. It fosters its diversity, creativity, entrepreneurship and inclusion.

MIDEM+ event in Cannes, France

Despite lacking a direct role in the promotion of music or artists internationally, the European Union supports cultural diplomacy and initiatives to promote national music and artists on the global stage thanks to cultural programmes and policies like Creative Europe, that indirectly contribute to the international visibility of European music.

On 26 January, I was invited to speak at the MIDEM+ event in Cannes, France, to explain what is the EU doing for the music industry and how can small enterprises and artists can access EU funds to develop their artistry and business.

I am Renew Europe's shadow rapporteur on the Creative Europe programme, that promotes cross-border cooperation, the circulation of works, and the mobility of professionals in the cultural and creative industries. The programme is divided into several sub-programs, with each focusing on specific aspects of the cultural and creative sectors and one is the culture strand, which of course covers music.

MIDEM+ is set to provide a prominent neutral platform for discussions, influence, and collaboration regarding the present and future challenges facing the music industry. In the 2024 edition, the goal was to foster debates and facilitate the alignment of perspectives during special moments of interaction between political figures and the music industry ecosystem.

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