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We need to preserve, foster and celebrate the European musical diversity and passion behind it

MusicAIRE: An Innovative Recovery event

This week I was glad to be invited to speak at the "MusicAIRE, An Innovative Recovery for Europe" final event in Brussels, together with funded projects, policy makers and music sector stakeholders to reflect on the impact of MusicAIRE and what we can take from it for the future.

Music is essential to Europe’s cultural diversity, it is a pillar of European culture and it is probably the cultural sector with the largest audience reach.

It is also a sector formed mostly by SMEs and freelancers, but despite generating €31 billion of revenue in 2019, it was the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic: The lock-down, the closing of venues, social distancing…. The cultural and especially the music sector were among those suffering and experiencing a very slow recovery.

We need to preserve, foster and celebrate the musical diversity and passion behind it that we have. Exchange with each other. Learn from each other. Understand each other better. This is why the EU must help protect and enrich the cultural heritage and continue to invest in the music industry.

About MusicAIRE:

MusicAIRE is a Music Moves Europe funded initiative aimed at supporting the recovery and sustainability of the music sector in the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Born out of the need for an innovative recovery plan and aiming to provide tailored solutions and to promote a green, digital, just, and resilient future for the European music ecosystem, MusicAIRE launched two open calls for applicants from the 27 Member States and non-EU countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme. Since April 2022, the MusicAIRE programme has proudly supported the implementation of 51 projects across Europe and contributed to empowering the sector for a dynamic and effective recovery. (Source)

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