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Working for fair remuneration and quality traineeships

In 2019, I was elected Member of The European Parliament. I promised to my voters that I would work for a fairer, more equal and more inclusive Europe and I did eagerly from day one.

Adequate Minimum Wages

As the daughter of a cleaning person that earned a minimum wage, it was important to me to negotiate its adequacy across Europe, positively affecting millions of EU citizens’ wages. I ensured that everyone that works hard makes a living wage - whatever job they have, wherever they come from!


Social Economy

I pushed for Social Economy, enterprises putting people at the core of their businesses and organisations to foster quality jobs, contributing to a fairer green and digital transition, gender equality and social inclusion of vulnerable groups.


Quality Traineeships

I was designated Parliament’s responsible for quality traineeships. As an average traineeship in the EU costs around 1000€, my demands were for them to be paid, leading to a real learning experience, and be inclusive and accessible for all.   

Check all my work during the mandate here.



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